Gather with homeschooling families from across Central Ohio for a FANTASTIC FREE event:

10th Annual 


"Homeschooling Together"

MARCH 1, 2024

Cornerstone Church 

4905 Jacksontown Rd. Heath, Ohio 43056

Doors open at 4pm  Exhibitor Hall 4- 9pm  Training Sessions 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.

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Featured Speakers

Debby Gerth of Ohio Homeschooling Parents

Homeschooling 101

Topic: Permission to Homeschool? Embrace Your Freedom in Home Education

Do you wonder if you're doing this homeschooling thing all wrong? Are you struggling to meet standards and expectations? Are you almost certain you are failing your child?  Do all of your relatives tell you how disadvantaged your child will be? 

Don't miss this informative and enlightening session.  You CAN homeschool, but it might look a little bit different than what you are expecting, and that is a VERY good thing!

Debby is a homeschooling mother of three,  advocate, encourager, and co-learner homeschool mom.  She is also the co-chair of Ohio Homeschooling Parents, a state-wide home education and advocacy group of over 17,000 parent educators.  

Dr. Kelli Sears of Mindscapes, LLC.

Understanding the Jon Peterson Scholarship for your struggling learner

Unpacking Assessments and Portfolio Reviews

Dr. Kelli Sears is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), dually licensed by the Ohio Boards of Psychology and Education. She earned her PhD in School Psychology from The Ohio State University.

She has provided school psychological services to students in grades PreK-12 in public, private, charter and home school settings. 

Dr. Sears has significant experience in the diagnosis and treatment of educationally related disabilities across categories of qualification, with a professional focus on Emotional Disturbance, Trauma, and Autism.

Don’t judge people for where they are at, for you have no idea how far they have come to get there.” 

– Dr. Kelli Sears  

Gina Robichaux

Homeschooling, Homesteading, Homemaking

Hear the story of how Gina's family came into homeschooling and homesteading.

Topics Include: incorporating homestead life in all aspects of education, managing extra curriculars and volunteerism while running a small business, and never abandoning your values when building a life for your family!

Lyndsay Mueller of Excellence in Learning Community Co-op &

Many Hats Homeschool, LLC 

Tales of Support From a Homeschooling Mama

Topics include: homeschooling while moving across country, homeschooling during pregnancy, childbirth, loss and grief, and the importance of faith and community wherever you are. 

Maybe your curriculum isn't a fit, maybe your need a better routine, or maybe your whole family just needs a break  because sometimes your wholeness as a family is truly the most pressing issue on the table. Get tips on how to discern what the problem really is- or if you actually have a problem at all!

Lyndsay Mueller is a homeschooling mom of 3 children ranging from early teens to preschool, a strong advocate for homeschooling, and a strong believer that with a little creativity you can find a way through most difficult situations.

Taryn Davis

Music in Your Homeschool

Sarah Harper of Have Books, Will Travel

Come learn about how you can take your family vacation to the next level while making memories that last a lifetime 

Discover Literature- Based Travel

Drason Sillin of Excellence in Learning Community Co-op

"Will by kids be weird? Homeschooling Support for Fathers

Drason is a career security professional with a Bachelor's in Emergency Management and a Master's in Public Administration and a homeschooling father of three graduates.  Drason encourages fathers to get involved in their families' homeschooling adventure and offers practical tips for dads.  Worried that your kids will be weird? If you're a father wondering if homeschooling is right for your family, come to this session!

Aaron Greene

Finding Scholarships for Homeschoolers and Career Planning

Aaron shares his experience in finding college scholarships for homeschooling families by focusing in on each student's giftings, abilities, and passions. Come and learn how you can save THOUSANDS off of your student's college tuition! 

Nicole Thompson , COTC

Understanding College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses through Central Ohio Technical College. The purpose of this program is to enhance students’ career readiness and postsecondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students, at no cost to students and families.

Learn how the College Credit Plus and Concurrent Enrollment can benefit your students.  Important dates and application information will be covered in this session as well as the Two-Year Transfer Guarantee and the ability to complete many classes online, from the comfort of your own home.

Amanda Sillin of Excellence in Learning Community Co-op 

Homeschooling High School

High School Record Keeping

Amanda is a homeschooling mom of three high school grads, two college grads, and one EMT/firefighter. Amanda encourages homeschooling families that they CAN homeschool through high school and do so with confidence and success.  Get How-to advice and answers to common questions about diplomas and transcripts and creating high school records.  

Amanda also has to feed everyone who still lives at home... learn how digital couponing can help you save money, especially during inflation, and be a wise manager of your home's finances. 

Casey Green of Civil Air Patrol Licking County Composite Squadron

Incorporating STEM into your homeschool (And How to Get Free STEM Kits through Civil Air Patrol)


The Sky Is Literally the Limit - Unlocking the Vast Opportunities for Kids in Civil Air Patrol

Casey is a homeschooling mom of five. Her kids range in age from 7 – 18, so she understands the challenges homeschooling parents face at every level. She is also a Senior Member of the Civil Air Patrol, Licking County Composite Squadron. She functions as Aerospace Education Officer for her local squadron, at Everett Park in Newark. Part of her responsibilities includes educating the public about Aerospace Education & STEM. Casey is passionate about enriching children’s education and providing educators and homeschooling parents with tools to spark an interest in children’s minds regarding science.

Marshal Sillin of Marshal's Outdoors Ltd. and Service Pulse, LLC 

Small Business for Teens

Is your teen interested in starting their own small business?  Is this even possible when you are still in high school?

This doesn't have to be complicated.  Learn how to find a small business that fits your busy high school schedule, including academics, extracurriculars, and social life!  Discover how starting a small business can count on transcripts, teach life skills and money management, and open up a world of opportunities for the future. Marshal is a homeschool graduate who started his landscaping business at 14 years old!  

Marshal owns and operates Marshal's Outdoors, Ltd and Service Pulse, LLC.

Topic: Ask Anything About Homeschooling!

Veteran Homeschooling Parent Panel - Lyndsay Mueller, Christy Huy, and Gina Robichaux

We are wrapping up with a Q&A session! 

Are you struggling in a particular area? Do you wish you could talk to someone who has been homeschooling for a while? Get some advice from level-headed homeschooling moms from all walks of life. 

We will discuss family, curriculum, life balance, and all things homeschool related!  This is a fun and relaxed way to wrap up a GREAT NIGHT!

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Schedule of Sessions Offered

5:00 pm

Homeschooling 101 - perfect for those in their first year or two of homeschooling - Debby Gerth

Homeschooling High School - Amanda Sillin

Tales of Support from a Homeschooling Mama- Lyndsay Mueller

Will my kids be weird? Encouragement for Homeschooling Dads - Drason Sillin

6:00 pm

Utilizing College Credit Plus, free college while you're still in high school  -Nicole Thompson - COTC

Homeschooling, Homesteading, Homemaking - Gina Robichaux

Permission to Homeschool - Embrace your Freedom in Home Education - Debby Gerth

Incorporating STEM into your homeschool - Sgt. Casey Green, Civil Air Patrol

7:00 pm

Finding Scholarships for Homeschoolers and Career Planning- Aaron Greene

Music in Your Homeschool- Taryn Davis

Understanding the Jon Peterson Scholarship for your struggling learner  - Dr. Kelli Sears, Mindscapes, LLC.

Small Businesses for Teens - Marshal Sillin, Marshal's Outdoors Ltd. 

Discover Literature-Based Travel- Sarah Harper- Have Books Will Travel

8:00 pm

Homeschooling Panel  - ASK ANYTHING about homeschooling - Veteran Homeschooling Moms. - Lyndsay Mueller, Christy Huy, and Gina Robichaux

Unpacking Assessments and Portfolio Reviews - Dr. Kelli Sears, Mindscapes LLC

The Sky Is Literally the Limit - Unlocking the Vast Opportunities for Kids in Civil Air Patrol - Sgt. Casey Green, Civil Air Patrol

High School Record Keeping- Diplomas, Transcripts, and More- Amanda Sillin- Excellence in Learning Community Co-op

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