Homeschool Training Day

Growing Together

March 06, 2020

Gather with homeschooling families from across Central Ohio for a FANTASTIC event, our

5th Annual


Growing Together

THIS EVENT IS FREE and OPEN to ANY homeschooling or considering homeschooling family!

March 06, 2020

Christian Life Center

665 Linnville Rd. Heath, Ohio 43056

Doors open at 4:00pm

Exhibitor hall open from 4pm-9pm

Featured Speakers

These are our 2019 speakers - keep watching for updates for our 2020 conference.

*Confirmed for 2020*

Melanie Elsey - Christian Home Educators of Ohio - Homeschooling Advocates since 1983

"Homeschooling 101" and

"Homeschooling in Ohio: Legislative Update"

Melanie and her husband John serve on CHEO’s Board of Directors. She has also been serving as the Legislative Liaison for CHEO since 1994. In this capacity she has monitored the work of the State Board of Education and Ohio Legislature to ensure policies proposed would not adversely affect the rights of parents to home educate their children. She and her husband John also serve as members of the CHEO Board of Directors. She has publicly addressed effects of state and federal policies at the invitation of more than 350 local communities since 1993. She and John have been married 35 years and are the parents of 3 grown children and blessed with their families and four grandchildren.

CHEO is a member supported 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with the Christ-centered ministry of supporting equipping and protecting families in the home education of their children. As a year-round ministry, they function to inform and educate families through various means including sponsored seminars and regional events. They diligently work to monitor the Ohio legislative process in order to protect our freedom to home educate.

Debby Gerth of Ohio Homeschooling Parents

"Permission to Homeschool? How to Embrace Your Freedom in Home Education"

Do you wonder if you're doing this homeschooling thing all wrong? Are you struggling to meet standards and expectations? Are you almost certain you are failing your child? Do all of your relatives tell you how disadvantaged your child will be?

Don't miss this informative and enlightening session. You CAN homeschool, but it might look a little bit different than what you are expecting, and that is a VERY good thing!

Debby is a homeschooling mother of three, advocate, encourager, and co-learner homeschool mom. She is also the co-chair of Ohio Homeschooling Parents, a state-wide home education and advocacy group of nearly 10,000 parent educators.

Casey Green of Civil Air Patrol Licking County Composite Squadron

The Importance of STEM Education (And How to Get Free STEM Kits through Civil Air Patrol)


The Sky Is Literally the Limit - Unlocking the Vast Opportunities for Kids in Civil Air Patrol

Casey is a homeschooling mom of five. Her kids range in age from 7 – 16, so she understands the challenges homeschooling parents face at every level. She is also a Senior Member of Civil Air Patrol, Licking County Composite Squadron. She functions as the Aerospace Education Officer for her local squadron, located at Everett Park in Newark. Part of her responsibilities include educating the public about Aerospace Education & STEM. Casey is passionate about enriching children’s education and providing tools to educators and homeschooling parents to spark an interest in children’s minds regarding science.

Amanda Sillin - homeschooling mom and Co-Director of ELCC

*Confirmed for 2020*

"Homeschooling High School" and "High School Record Keeping"

Amanda is a homeschooling mom of three, one high school grad, one college grad, and one still in high school. Amanda encourages homeschooling families that they CAN home school through high school and do so with confidence and success. Get How-to advice and answers to common questions about diplomas and transcripts as well as resources for developing a plan for high school and creating high school records.

*Confirmed for 2020*

Tami Claggett, Homeschooling Mother of 5, Co-Owner of Claggett Family Farm, lives on 100 acres in Licking County

Homeschooling, Homesteading, Homemaking

Do you desire to serve your family but feel overwhelmed at the idea of homeschooling, homemaking and homesteading? Join Tami for some encouragement and wisdom from the farm.

Brandon and Leah Myers - Morrison Archery

Second Generation Christian Homeschooling parents of 5,

Are You Happy With Average? Simple Steps to Becoming Exceptional

Brandon and Leah Myers have been married 15 years. They are Christians and second-generation homeschooling parents to five children. Because of a strong vision for family and ministry, they set an aggressive goal (shortly after getting married)of being retired by 35. They were blessed to realize that goal two years early. They started their first small business in 2005. Since then, they've owned or been involved in over 10 small businesses.

Keri Sanders, Homeschooling Mother of 4, Nutrition Enthusiast

Connections between Nutrition and Learning

Much of our Western approach to medicine and learning solutions considers individual symptoms as isolated boxes – an ADD/ADHD box, a dyslexia box, the autism box, the depression or anxiety box. My goal is to share with you the growing mountain of evidence for the interconnectivity of the whole body, in particular, the gut and brain connection. Do our children suffer from genetic issues beyond our control or do nutritional strategies exist that give us power to help them succeed academically? Be empowered and come join us!

Keri Sanders is a homeschooling mother-of-four who has spent the last decade researching and experimenting with various strategies to deal with a whole host of health issues with her children and herself like ADD and dyslexia, brain fog, depression, anxiety, food and seasonal allergies, autoimmune Thyroid issues, etc. Keri holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and so far has had 3 middle schoolers start college classes through College Credit Plus.

Brant Baker - Central Ohio Technical College Admissions Representative

Understanding College Credit Plus

Learn how the College Credit Plus and Concurrent Enrollment can benefit your students. Important dates and application information will be covered in this session as well as the Two-Year Transfer Guarantee and the ability to complete many classes online, from the comfort of your own home.

Lora Parks - Homeschooling Mother of 5 children ages 11, 9,7,5 and 2

"Using Unit Studies to Homeschool Multiple Ages"

Do you struggle with homeschooling multiple children? Have you ever wondered "How am I supposed to cover Math with this many students?" Come and be encouraged, you CAN homeschool multiple children in multiple stages, yes, even with a toddler! This refreshing session offers practical tips encouraging cooperation, planning and organization, wisdom and a sense of belonging and purpose as Lora shares her journey and encouragement.

Marshal Sillin, Homeschooler and Owner of Marshal's Mowers and Landscaping LLC

"Small Business for Teens"

Is your teen interested in starting their own small business? Is this even possible when you are still in high school?

This doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to find a small business that fits within your busy high school schedule including academics, extra curriculars, and a social life! Discover how starting a small business can count on transcipts, teach life skills and money management, and open up a world of opportunities for the future.

Drason Sillin - Homeschooling Father and Moderator, ELCC

"Homeschool Support for Fathers"

Drason encourages fathers to get involved in their families homeschooling adventure and offers practical tips for dads. Worried that your kids will be weird? If you're a father who is wondering if homeschooling is right for your family, come to this session!

*Confirmed for 2020*

Dr. Kelli Sears - Navigating Autism Plus

"Understanding the Jon Peterson Scholarship"


"Homeschooling Students with Dyslexia"

Dr. Kelli Sears is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). She earned her PhD in School Psychology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Sears is dually-licensed in school psychology by the Ohio Board of Psychology and the Ohio Board of Education. She has provided school psychological services to students in grades PreK-12 in public, private, and charter school settings, as well as homeschools.

She has significant experience in the diagnosis and treatment of educationally-related disabilities, with particular focus on emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, trauma, and autism. Dr. Sears has received a multitude of awards and recognitions within her field, which serve as a testament to her high standards of professionalism.

Aaron Greene - College LiftOff

"Finding Scholarships for Homeschool Students"

Finding scholarships for your homeschooling student couldn't be easier - or more profitable! Learn how to secure your child's future and save thousands in the process!

*Confirmed for 2020*

Amy Gantt - Licking County Library

"Using the Local Library to Homeschool!"

Come and hear about upcoming programs and services specifically designed for homeschooling families

Ohio Christian University

"Transitioning Homeschool to College"

What are colleges looking for? What sort of documents do I need to keep? Will I have to bring in 13 years of worksheets?

Come and learn what colleges are looking for from homeschooling students.

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2019 Schedule - Keep Watching for the 2020 updates!

Schedule of Sessions offered


Homeschooling 101 - perfect for those in their first year or two of homeschooling - Melanie Elsey of CHEO – Multi Purpose Room

Using the Library to homeschool! - Amy Gantt - Newark Public Library – Vestibule Classroom

Understanding College Credit Plus - Brant Baker - Central Ohio Technical College – Downstairs classroom

Utilizing the Jon Peterson Scholarship - Dr. Kelli Sears of Navigating Autism Plus Dr. Kelli Sears of Navigating Autism Plus – Conference Room

Transitioning Homeschool to College (and CCP) - Ohio Christian University - Sanctuary Classroom


The Importance of STEM Education (And How to Get Free STEM Kits through Civil Air Patrol) – Multi Purpose Room

Finding College Scholarships for Homeschoolers - Aaron Greene - College Lift Off - Vestibule Classroom

Assessments and Portfolio Reviews - NEED TO KNOW- Melissa Hamilton – Downstairs Classroom

Using Unit Studies to Homeschool Multiple Ages - Lora Parks - homeschooling mother of 5 – Conference Room

Connections between Nutrition and Learning - Keri Sanders - Sanctuary Classroom


Homeschooling High School - Amanda Sillin - Excellence in Learning - Multi Purpose Room

Permission to Homeschool? Make this your BEST year! Debby Gerth, Ohio Homeschooling Parents – Vestibule Classroom

Homesteading, Homeschooling, Homemaking - Tami Claggett – Downstairs Classroom

Ohio Legislative Update - Melanie Elsey – CHEO – Conference Room

Strong Families, Strong Homeschools (Are You Happy With Average? Simple Steps to Becoming Exceptional) Brandon and Leah Myers – Sanctuary Classroom


High School Record Keeping - Amanda Sillin - Multi Purpose Room

Small Businesses for Teens - Marshal Sillin – Vestibule Classroom

The Sky Is Literally the Limit - Unlocking the Vast Opportunities for Kids in Civil Air Patrol – Downstairs Classroom

Homeschooling a student with Dyslexia - Dr. Kelli Sears of Navigating Autism Plus – Conference Room

Homeschooling Support for Dads - Drason Sillin of Excellence in Learning - Sanctuary Classroom

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