Co-op Orientation Videos and links to paperwork

Please watch these videos to understand how co-op works, how to find information at the co-op, and who to ask if you have questions.  We hope these videos are helpful and make it easier for new families to find needed information! You may want to print a copy of the handbook (below) to follow along with this orientation. 

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Orientation Video #1


Orientation Video #3

Need to find a spot to help? Contact Johnna Vanover


Orientation Video #2

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Once you have completed watching these videos, please complete the form below.  Please remember that each family, even returning families, has agreed to complete orientation each school year.  Thank you!

Family Paperwork Bundle

Please download and complete this paperwork and bring it with you on your first day of classes. 

Family Paperwork Bundle.docx

Member/Student Handbook

Teacher Orientation

You must be a part of the ELCC Facebook group as these trainings were live-streamed in that group.  Here are the links

Part 1 - https://www.facebook.com/1048235531/videos/752204122661866/

Part 2 - https://www.facebook.com/1048235531/videos/623570009034341/

Below is the teacher handbook which also includes all needed teacher paperwork. 

23-24 Handbook.pdf