ELCC Library

Check out the ELCC Curriculum Library!

In our upstairs office we host a curriculum library. Members may check out curriculum for the current school year.

We ask that curriculum that is unused be returned promptly and all curriculum is due back on our "Recall Dates" December 1st, and May 1st, unless class fees for the coming semester have been paid in full.

Curriculum for the following year may be check out over the summer with fully paid registration for coming classes.

Lost/damaged items will be billed to the borrower at replacement prices.

To check out books simply visit the library and fill out a check out card!

ELCC's library now has a searchable database online. It is still a work in progress. Only 660 books are entered. (we now have about 2,000) Not all ISBN's are entered yet and some books are older than ISBN's. Search by title, publisher, subject, author. A Beka is two words. RightStart is one word. BJU might be BJU or Bob Jones. The database is only to search. You aren't able to check out books online or see if a book is still available (yet).

Check back often as we will continue to add more books through the school year.