ELCC Library

Check out the ELCC Curriculum Library!

Our library operates as part of our homeschool support network located in Newark, Licking County, Ohio.

Homeschooling families can take advantage of this wonderful local resource by checking out books for up to 9 months.

Homeschoolers who do not attend our co-op in Newark, Ohio may use the library for a $10 annual fee*

The Library is open on the first TUESDAY of the month, September- May from10am - 12pm

We ask that curriculum that is unused be returned promptly and all curriculum is due back on our "Recall Dates" December 1st, and May 1st, unless class fees for the coming semester have been paid in full. (Completed registration with credit card on file is sufficient)

Lost/damaged items will be billed to the borrower at replacement prices.

ELCC's library has a searchable database online. Check back often as we will continue to add more books through the school year as they are donated.

*terms and conditions apply, please contact us for complete details.

To Donate Books:

Contact us and set up a time to drop off or for us to pick up your books. We are especially fond of curriculum sets, Charlotte Mason living books, My Father's World, and Usborne Books. We accept all kinds of curriculum and have a diverse group of homeschooling families who check out books.

Donors recieve a tax deductible reciept which allows them to assign the value of their donation for tax purposes. Donated books are evaluated, stamped, added to the online catalog and placed in the library.

If we already have several copies of a donated book (more than 3-4) we pass these books along to our members.

Books which are completely unable to be used (ie workbooks scribbled in with lots of pen, fire/water/mold damaged) are recycled.