What is co-op?

Families make ELCC a great place for learning to happen! Thank you!

A Homeschool co-op is a group of families that come together to accomplish the common goal of educating their children. Practically this can be classes, field trips, resources, and support for member families.

Launched with the vision for a community where opportunities for excellence in learning could take place, and formed with a Christian foundation, ELCC has grown from a small association of families to a 501c3, non-profit Home Education Support Group and partner in home education. Our commitment to quality resources, extensive educational opportunities, and involvement in the greater community are the hallmarks of our organization.

Realizing that a multitude of educational choices and challenges face modern homeschooling families, we host trainings, curriculum shares and sales, and created a homeschool resource and curriculum library of over 2000 titles. We facilitate field trips, Mom’s night, fellowships, Field Day, drama productions, an annual Science Fair, an annual Family Homecoming, a spring formal, a kindergarten graduation ceremony, a high school graduation ceremony, and a bi-annual Student Showcase. These resources promote freedom and personal expression, giving parents tools to create an individualized education for their students.

We love homeschooling families and the wonderful and unique way that they capture opportunities for learning, not just through traditional curriculum but also with exciting field trips and special projects. Because we offer tutoring and classes for students in Kindergarten through High School, which include core subjects as well as a variety of creative and fun electives, families can find a place to belong and the support they need to create a truly excellent education for their children. Last year ELCC provided support for the home education of over 200 students through more than 60 classes. Our teachers are professionals from the community and homeschooling parents working together to achieve opportunities for Excellence in Learning.

A big part of who we are is about GIVING BACK to the greater community. We host open workshops for parents to learn more about home education, homeschooling in high school, transcripts, homeschooling struggling learners, completing assessments and testing requirements, utilizing Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarship Funds, and College Credit Plus funding. In addition, we support students on international missions to Honduras, Quebec, and Cuba and invest in local community improvement projects with the local food pantry. We also encourage our students to GIVE BACK. They have been able to support Licking County Heart Beats Pregnancy Center, donate needed supplies and curriculum to home educating families who were victims of Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irma, and partner with the Red Cross to pack and send care boxes for soldiers deployed to Iraq.

Excellence in Learning Community Co-op is a priceless resource for hundreds of families. We are committed to continuing our tradition of Excellence in Learning and fostering a community where families can gather the resources needed to support their homeschooling goals, utilize academically excellent classes, and discover opportunities to give back to their local communities.