Board Corner

Dear Members, 

On behalf of the board I would like to express our joy at being able to serve. We are happy to represent our members in the operation of the co-op!

Attached to this page you will find our Constitution and Bylaws, our Financial Reports, and our Board meeting minutes.  

Co-op members are always welcome to attend board meetings and all meetings are announced both in our calendar and through email to our membership.  An agenda is published in our calendar. 

If members have questions or concerns about the daily operations of co-op, we would encourage you to bring your concerns to a director (Christy Huy or Lyndsay Mueller).  If you are looking for mentorship or counsel, our Doyenne/Trustees would love to speak to you (Keri Sanders, Jan Rohrbaugh,  Lora Parks) Of course matters of finances can be addressed to our Treasurer, Gina Robichaux, and Service Hour commitments can be discussed with our Secretary, Cammy Brown.  We also have a building committee, chaired by Drason Sillin, Finance Committee chaired by our treasurer, and a Programs/Development Committee. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask someone in leadership.  We wish you much success on your homeschooling journey!


Amanda Sillin -  President of the Board