Our Leadership

Our leaders are volunteer parents who have a desire to serve the group and see Christ lifted up, both in our group, and in their homes. Our moderator, officers, and coordinators are elected whenever a position becomes available. Our Doyenne are appointed by unanimous decision of the governing board.


The Moderator is a layman who oversees procedure at all business meetings and fulfills a neutral role when presiding at regular and special called business meetings. Because co-op is comprised of families, our moderator is also a man who can teach and admonish members with Biblical authority.

Drason Sillin holds his Masters of Public Administration from Franklin University with a focus on Non-Profit Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management. As a career security professional, Drason has worked for everything from fortune 100 companies to the Columbus Zoo. Initially a reluctant homeschooling dad, Drason has embraced and supported ELCC after seeing the amazing difference it made in the lives of his own three sons. Drason is pleased to be able to serve ELCC as the Board Moderator and looks forward to another fantastic school year. Drason has served on the ELCC Board since 2010. email


Doyenne/Trustees are senior members of our body, considered to be knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in their field or endeavor. These ladies have helped to guide and shape our co-op into the organization it has become. We seek their wisdom and advice in many matters. They represent many learning styles and are available to offer guidance and wise counsel to our Directors and Members alike. Doyenne/Trustees are appointed by unanimous decision of the board whenever a vacancy occurs and serve 2 year terms.

Chrisy Huy (Term Ending 5/31/2022) is homeschooling mom of Aiden. She is married to Dave and her older son, Alex, graduated a few years ago from Tri Valley. Christy enjoys bringing some sunshine to co-op each week and getting to know all the kids, her goats and 4H club, and is an avid quilter. Christy has homeschooled for 9 years and enjoys using BJU curriculum. She served as the security coordinator at co-op from 2015-2020 and as a Doyenne since 2020. Christy is looking forward to another great year at co-op where she will be also serving as one of our Co-Directors.

Heather Stokes (Term Ending 5/31/2023) lives in the Licking Valley area with her husband George, their 4 children, Grandpa, and a variety of goats and other animals. She and her family are active in 4H and love this homeschooling community. Her oldest daughter, Layla, graduated from ELCC in 2021. Heather has served at co-op in a variety of classes, teaching and assisting, and has served as our Hospitality Coordinator since 2018. Heather oversees residual fundraisers like Kroger Cares, Amazon Smile, and Clever Crazes.

Carrie Whitehead (Term Ending 5/31/2023) Lives in Alexandria, Ohio with her husband Craig and thier three sons. Carrie has attended ELCC since 2015 and has served in a variety of classes and positions, most noteably as our Facilities Coordinator since 2017. Carrie is often seen at co-op cleaning, mopping, and keeping our facilities in order. Her heart for service and co-op shines through her continuing efforts to keep co-op a clean and happy place for all of our children. Carrie oversees building maintenance.

Jan Rorhbaugh (Term ending 5/31/2022) lives in Utica, Ohio and is a wife and mother, homeschool mom who has been teaching Sunday School since she was 16. She has a Bachelors of Christian Education and is only 1 class shy of a Deaf Studies Certificate. She currently serves on the ministry team at Truth Tabernacle teaching and ministering to a variety of age groups from toddler to adult classes. She is also part of our church's praise and worship team and work with the organization and secretary-type work for our church. She loves all kinds of crafts from painting to wreath making to repurposing furniture. Jan oversees our Scholarship program and our Scrip Program.


Our Officers provide leadership and a welcome smile to all of our members. They serve on our governing board charting a course for the future of co-op. Their gifts of vision, administration, hospitality, financial knowledge and organization provide structure and stability for our group. Officers are elected by the membership at the unanimous recommendation of the board and serve 2 or 3 year terms.

Amanda Sillin (Board President) is a homeschooling mother of three sons who have all graduated from ELCC, and has two neices that she is currently homeschooling. Amanda served as the Director of ELCC from 2011 - 2021 and has led numerous trainings and been involved in advocacy efforts to help homeschooling families across Ohio. Amanda holds a degree in Health and Human Services and worked as a Chemical Dependency Counselor and Case Manager before becoming a full-time homeschool mom. Over the years she has taught a variety of classes including science, history, Spanish, sewing, and language arts. Amanda greatly enjoys empowering homeschooling families so that they can fulfill their calling to homeschool and connecting families to resources to help them on their journey. email

Coleen Slagle (Board Vice President) is a homeschooling mom of 5, four who are grown and Samuel who is still at home. Her daughter Autumn graduated from ELCC in 2017. Coleen is a Master Gardener, and enjoys spending time with her 7 grandkids! She and her husband Frank have lived and worked in Central Ohio for many years, serving where the Lord leads, and currently leading a local JGL Ministry Group and Street Ministry. Coleen has attended co-op since 2011 and has helped in a variety of classes, from preschool and Kindergarten through high school life skills. She served as the ELCC Treasurer from 2015 - 2018 and as Vice President of the Co-op board and Co- Director since 2019. Coleen loves encouraging homeschooling moms with a ready smile and willingness to pray for each family. email

Cammy Brown (Secretary - Term Ending 6/30/2023) was homeschooled "as a kid in the 80’s when it wasn’t cool yet." and has homeschooled her 4 children, with her oldest graduating from ELCC in 2020. Cammy is a former RN and small business owner and says she would "never survive a desk job." Cammy and her family have attended ELCC since 2015 and Cammy has served as our PE teacher, our Administrative Coordinator from 2017 - 2019, and our Co-op Secretary since 2019. When she isn't serving at ELCC she and her husband Eric can be found running their Perry County hobby farm. Cammy also enjoys shuttling Amish Children to school, working at Sophie's, and engaging in various hijinks with her outdoor loving family. She loves exercise and the building of friendships through sports and games and still leads our PE classes for Middle and High school.

Cammy VanTillburg (Treasurer - Term Ending 6/30/2023) has been a homeschooling mom for 10 years. She has been a teacher in co-ops for most of those years. She has taught science, gym and cooking in past years, but her real love is history. Lisa comes from a long line of teachers. Her great-grandmother taught in a one room schoolhouse, her grandmother was a well-loved 3rd grade teacher in the Hilliard School District and her mother is a professor at a college in Arizona. She is mom to 5 children, 3 are teenagers here at ELCC, 2 grandchildren and many, many, furred, feathered, and scaled kids. Lisa has attend co-op since 2018 and has taugh classes at co-op since 2019. In her spare time, Lisa loves to bake and many of her creations are enjoyed in her history classes.


Our Directors oversee and facilitate the day to day operations of co-op including our weekly meetings, special events and outings and even our online presense. Directors are elected by the membership at the unanimous recommendation of the board whenever a vacancy occurs.

Their willingness to serve is a blessing to the co-op!

Christy Huy

Coleen Slagle


Our Coordinators serve by creating teams which work within a specific area of our ministy. We are blessed that they use their gifts and talents to oversee these areas which make co-op a wonderful and welcoming place to attend! Coordinators are elected by the membership at the unanimous recommendation of the board whenever a vacancy occurs.

Carrie Whitehead also serves as our Facilities Coordinator - See bio above

Ashley Bell

Field Trip Coordinator

Ashley Bell

Jessica Dermer

Hospitality Coordinator

Jessica Dermer and her husband Rob live near Cambridge, Ohio with their 4 homeschooling kids. They enjoy family time and dream of one day traveling the US in an RV! They raise rabbits and Rob creates a variety of metal working art peices. Jessica has attended ELCC for the past 3 years, serving as a teacher in several classes and she and her husband feel the Lord has called them to stay in Central Ohio for the time being and serve in this ministry role . We are thrilled to welcome Jessica as the Hospitality Coordinator and know that her love for the Lord and for community will be a blessing !

Mindy Larson

Nursery & Preschool Coordinator

Mindy Larson is a homeschooling mother of seven, wife for 15 years, and a high energy wrangler of kids. She enjoys good company, good conversation and good coffee. Mindy holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Health and Exercise Sciences and has taught/coached in the gymnastics field for 10 years. Mindy has dedicated herself to her family with home health, home cooking and of course home schooling. While her background is in exercise and gymnastics she identifies her true gifts as her energy with people, especially young kids. She has a great deal of experience with preschooling programs and says "I truly enjoy sharing my God given gifts with other families as I feel blessed to have them share their gifts with our family. "

Deb Darling

Security Coordinator

Deb Darling and her family began attending co-op in 2020 and have jumped right in to help where ever there was a need. From helping clean up the playground to serving at the securty desk, Deb's willingness to serve has been a huge blessing to our co-op. We are thrilled to welcome her as our Security Coordinator for the coming year!

Amanda Sillin is also our Registration Coordinator - see bio above

Marshal Sillin

Teen Coordinator

Marshal Sillin is a homeschool graduate and attended ELCC for 10 years. He is passionate about encouraging students to realize their full potential in Christ through creativity and self motivated study. Marshal holds an Associates of Arts and is continuing his education through Franklin University in their Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship program with a minor in Communications. Marshal teaches Robotics, Entrepreneurship, and a variety of classes at ELCC

Morgan Allen

Yearbook Coordinator

Morgan Allen and her husband Matt Allen have three crazy but fun-loving boys. They moved from Lansing, MI in 2019, and have found a family here at ELCC. She has 18 years of computer experience and holds five certificates in Microsoft Office and a certificate in Administrative Office. This is her first year of teaching and is excited to teach typing and computer basics. She is our yearbook coordinator and will capture all the wonderful memories that will go on throughout the year. God has called them to be here at ELCC and she is blessed to give of her talents to others. This will be an exciting year and she is looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Our homeschool group was founded in Newark, Licking County, Ohio in 2009

ELCC became a 501c3 in 2014 to better serve Homeschooling families in Newark, Ohio and the surrounding areas!

ELCC currently meets for homeschool co-op classes at 310 Everett Ave. Newark, Ohio