Nursery and Preschool Classes


Our nursery has no cost, and is staffed by parents of children 2 and under and parent volunteers. Parents of nursery aged children will be given a schedule at the beginning of the school year.

Activities like watching veggie tales, sing along songs and snack, play times and nap times are offered. Please pick your baby up before lunch as no nursery is offered between 12:00 and 12:40pm.

Nursery Guidelines

**It isn't required that you place your baby in the nursery, however, we do ask that families serve in the nursery during the time that they are assigned so that it is available all day to everyone.

**If your baby is younger than 6 weeks old, please plan to keep them with you or speak with the Nursery Coordinator directly about signing up for nursery. Parents whose babies are younger than 6 weeks will not be on the nursery schedule until their baby is at least 6 weeks old.

**There is always a walkie talkie in the nursery, please call the desk if you need help.

**When your baby comes to the nursery please place a name tag to their back or pant leg, their bag, and to you.

**Please pack a diaper bag with a sippy cup, a ziplock baggie of cheerios (or similar snack) labeled with your child's name, a change of clothes, a bib (if needed) and diaper changing supplies.

**If your baby wears cloth diapers you will be asked to come to the nursery to change them.

**If your baby has an allergy please make sure that is listed on your emergency forms.

**Please leave shoes and strollers outside of the nursery. Please do not allow children 3-13 in the nursery unless they are helping as part of a class.

**Sickness, car trouble, or a rough morning can mean that someone isn't able to come to co-op that day. If that happens, please let the nursery coordinator and the security coordinator know asap so that we can find a mom to help cover.

**If your child has had a fever in the previous 24 hours or is currently vomiting, has diarrhea, or a croupy/persistent cough please do not bring them to the nursery. Wash hands frequently and use ‘Green Works’ disinfectant spray on toys at the beginning and end of the day to help prevent germs spreading.

** If you are scheduled to work in the nursery, please be in the nursery for the entire time you are scheduled. Sometimes families run late, had to go out to the car for a minute, went to check on a sibling.... they may not be there right at the class change (or even 15 minutes later) so don't assume that no one is coming and leave.

**If you need to swap the hour that you are in the nursery, please let the nursery coordinator know beforehand.

**We are a baby friendly co-op, we love that there are so many little ones, babies are welcome anywhere as long as they are not crying and disrupting/distracting a class. We are also very friendly to breast feeding - there is a private area in the nursery with rocking chairs, couches in an upstairs lounge, or couches in the entry hall which are comfy places where you won't be bothered (the entry hall does get noisy/busy sometimes)


Our preschool classes are designed for children who will be 3 by 12/31/2020, but are not yet ready for kindergarten. Class sizes and activities will depend upon the number children in this age range and their parent's participation. Children who are 2 1/2 are often permitted to move into Preschool second semester if they can listen carefully, follow directions, share and are not a disturbance to the class. Each Preschool class costs $10.00

ABC Safari Jessica Deoring – 9:00am - 9:55am

Explore a new theme with us weekly as we learn our letters, colors, shapes and numbers through songs and story time, active play, sensory activities, seat work to build fine motor skills and a take home craft!

Cost: $10 per semester Supplies: 3 ring binder: Not decorated, we will do this the first day of class and use them for name recognition throughout the year! File folder: To be used weekly for our ABC treasure map! Free-cycle items from home as needed.

Numbers and Shapes - Jessica Deoring - 10:00 - 10:55am

Each week we will learn about a different number or shape and cover basic math concepts. Counting games and basic number recognition along with fine motor skills will be our focus.

Cost: $10 per semester

Supplies: free-cycle items from home on occasion

Preschool Arts and CraftsJessica Deoring - 11:00am - 11:55am

Join us each week for a fun lesson and craft. Some weeks there will be a story and theme and other weeks we will just dive right in!

Cost: $10 per semester

Supplies: freecycle items from home, a folder.

Story TimeJessica Deoring - 12:45pm – 1:40p

Join us for some cuddle time, relax and read stories.

All supplies are provided, Cost: $10 per semester

Little Science Explorers - 1:45 – 2:40pm

In this fun and exciting class we will play with simple machines, make a balloon rocket, collect insects in the fall, plant seeds in the spring, talk about mammals and reptiles and amphibians and birds and fish, melt ice, and more

Cost: $10 per semester

Supplies: Dancing feet. Rhythm not required

Music and MovementMindy Lawson - 2:45pm -3:40pm

Sing a long, wiggle, and actively celebrate music together as we learn about notes, beats, instruments and rhythms in this fun and active class. We will be using classic children's songs, bible songs, action songs and more!

Cost: $10 per semester

Supplies: folder

The following supplies will be provided: Worksheets and craft supplies for the year, musical supplies, active play supplies (mats, balls) non toxic (Crayola) crayons, chubby pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and safety scissors.