Homeschooling in Ohio

How to get started

(adapted from the Christian Home Educators of Ohio website)

1. Read the state regulations…

Familiarize yourself with Ohio’s Regulations regarding home education. You can find a copy here.

2. Notification before the beginning of the school year…

It would be wise to complete the Notification Form and submit it prior to the first day of school in your district. The district superintendent has a 14 day window to determine if the information provided is compliant with OAC 3301-34-03(A). Once this step is complete the superintendent is required to notify the parents in writing that the student is excused from attendance for the remainder of the school year. For more information about notification, click here.

If your child is currently enrolled in school, click here to learn about how to withdraw them from school and begin home education.

3. A plan for keeping records and creating lesson plans…

State regs require 900 hours of home education (180 days/5 hrs per day). You are not required to submit daily attendance or hour log.

You may find lesson plans/calendars helpful, but they are not necessary.

Record keeping materials such as grade books and lesson plan books are available through homeschool suppliers, various office supply retailers, or you can make your own. You can use a notebook to keep your records if you wish.

4. Assessments plans for when you complete the year…

You will be sending the completed assessment form along with your notification form ONLY when notifying for a subsequent year of home education. We recommend that parents submit these forms to your local superintendent by the time school begins in your district. Keep copies of all that you submit. For more information visit CHEO's Year End Evaluation page.

Make a decision early in the year concerning the type of assessment you will use when the year is concluded. This allows you to speak with the assessor and get helpful hints on the best methods for maintaining records. It also helps to make decisions on testing materials if that is the route you decide to take.

5. Legal Coverage…

We strongly encourage all home educators to join Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Membership is $120/yr. and provides legal counsel for your family in the event of a homeschool related issue. Your membership also helps to fight legal battles for other home educators across the country.

If you become a CHEO member first, then you are eligible for a $20 discount on your HSLDA membership fees.

6. Support Groups…

Join your state organization, Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO), and your local support group. CHEO’s $30 membership fee includes benefits of discounts to HSLDA membership, Creation Museum tickets and much more.

Contact your regional representative or contact the CHEO offices for more information.

Learn more about home education here...

Embracing your Freedom in Home Education - Debby Gerth of Ohio Homeschooling Parents