ELCC Check In

Please use the form below to check in at co-op each week.

If you are unable to check in on your phone, please check in at the front desk.

Group Guidelines

Believing that we are created by a loving God, we know that everyone who chooses to participate in the Excellence in Learning Community Co-op has value and should be treated with respect and honor. The following rules and expectations are in order to ensure that everyone in our group is treated respectfully and with honor.

1. ELCC is not a ‘drop off’ environment. Students must be in the charge of an adult at all times.

2. Any classes taught at co-op exist to supplement and support education which is already occurring in the home. If a student is consistently unprepared or disruptive, parents should expect to be approached by the teacher

3. If your child has had a fever in the previous 24 hours or is currently vomiting, has diarrhea, or a croupy/persistent cough please do not bring them to co-op.

4. Inclement weather days are determined by the decision of Newark City Schools. If Newark City Schools are cancelled due to weather, the co-op will also be cancelled.

5. Please join our email loop/google group, read emails, and keep in touch on our Facebook page.

  • Only items which are related to the ELCC group, or homeschooling, should be posted.

  • Please refrain from posting political items, spam, memes, or any self/business/group promotion or affiliate links

  • Posts should be wholesome, uplifting, and G rated, no profanity please

  • If you need to reply to the sender of the post, rather than the whole group, please click 'reply to sender'

  • Please call or text your teachers if you will be late or miss class, rather than posting

6. Please pay your class fees on time. If you will be unable to pay your fees on time, please contact us BEFORE they are due so that we can help make arrangements with you.

7. Parents are responsible to supervise, and clean up after, their children during lunch.

8. It is sometimes necessary to offer kind correction to a child, if you need to correct a child more than twice, please accompany them to their parents for further instruction.

9. Parents and Teachers are encouraged to be proactive in the safety of all children, the protection of our facilities, and in creating a peaceful and studious atmosphere for everyone.

10. ELCC is a Non-Profit 501c3, as such, all funds paid to ELCC for membership/registration are tax deductible, and all class fees are paid directly to the teacher. We can not refund fees.

11. If you have items for sale, (ie homeschool books, scentsy, or clothing your child has outgrown) you can bring those and place them on the edge of the stage with your name and price labeled. This is the only area which can be used for this purpose and must remain neat and not block the entry. Please limit this to a small display so that there is room for everyone.

12. Moms are encouraged hang out in either of the foyers to socialize, rather than in classrooms/the gym.

13. Lunch is from 12:00 – 12:40pm and a devotional and announcements will be given for the first 10-15 minutes. Feel free to pack a lunch, and we have refrigeration and microwaves at our disposal.

14. Indoor/Outdoor Recess will be determined by our security team, and monitors will be in place at 12:15.

What to expect in the classroom

Since we home educate, some expectations may be new for students, please review these general classroom etiquette with your student before the first day of classes.

· Please stay in your seat.

· Raise your hand to speak.

· Follow directions.

· Ask permission before leaving the classroom.

· Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

· When in class, put away cell phones and leave hand held games and toys with a parent.

Safety Guidelines -

Please walk and use an indoor voice while in the building. Adults please wear your badge.

Be responsible for your property – hang up coats, keep area’s neat

Keep food and drink in the cafeteria, however; you may have a covered drink container in class if needed. NO GUM

Do not roam the building.

Clean up after yourself, or ask an adult for help.

If you break or spill something let an adult know right away.

Keep bathrooms clean and neat.

Wear non- scuffing shoes, be careful not to track mud in from the playground.

Avoid the fire escape, unless there is a fire - doors leading to the fire escape are alarmed.

Lunch/Playground Guidelines

  • Do NOT go in the alley or road

  • Use equipment properly and share.

  • Play outside as weather permits and be careful not to track in mud or debris.

  • Students are not permitted in the kitchenette.

  • Students are not allowed upstairs or in classrooms during lunch unless a parent is present

Guidelines for appropriate dress for both children and adults

    • Clothing should not contain any rude, lewd, suggestive, or profane messages.

    • Pants should be worn at the waist, no saggy pants please.

    • Please dress modestly and refrain from wearing skin tight, low cut or revealing clothing.

    • Leggings, ‘yoga pants’, sweats and track pants should not be revealing - please wear a long shirt or skirt over them that is fingertip length.

    • Shorts should be at least as long as your fingers when your hands are at your side, this is a guideline and can be changed if shorts are too revealing.

    • Skirts/Jumpers should be no shorter than 4" from the top of the knee

    • Avoid wearing tank tops; bikini tops, cami tops, tube tops, shirts with the sleeves ripped off, and see through shirts/jerseys.

    • Be conscious of what you wear to gym class, certain shoes, or skirts, may restrict participation.

General Expectations

***If a student or member violates a general behavior expectation, directors will address it with member/student involved.***

Members will pay their fees on time

Members will complete their service hours

Members will respect teachers/leaders and each other.

Every student is expected to be obedient and respect any adult.

Members and students will abide by the dress code.

Members and students will treat others as you would like to be treated No hitting, kicking, biting, fighting or other violence.

Members and students will be courteous in their speech and e-speech, no profane or lewd talk/posts/pictures

Students will abide by 1 Timothy 5:1-2, young people – don’t wander off in pairs.

Students are not to be upstairs or in classrooms unless attending class & will be in class when scheduled

Students will not bring weapons, knives, or fire starters to co-op

Harassment and Bullying will not be tolerated

Directors can suspend a member or student based on "General Expectation" violations, but it is never our desire to exclude any person from our fellowship. Expulsion is only a last resort, for the safety of the other co-op members, and by unanimous decision of the board. Please see our handbook for complete guidelines

Fees and Scholarships

All classes will be billed a fee each semester. When you sign up, you are registering for a year long class unless otherwise noted online.

    • ELCC does not refund class fees – this is at the sole discretion of the teacher.

    • ELCC does not refund membership fees or field trip payments.

    • Please note “drop dates” August 1st for first semester and December 1st for second semester. These are the last days to make changes online.

    • Incomplete Service hours will be billed at a rate of $10 per hour to cover the cost of paying for building cleaning and maintenance.

    • Annual fundraiser participation or buyout is required.

    • Members will be billed for lost library books/items, damaged teacher materials, and replacement Drama CD/Scripts.

    • If your family needs to withdraw from co-op, please complete our Participation Withdraw Form, it will note any outstanding fees or refunds due. It will also stop additional service hours from accruing.

Scholarships are available on a need basis. Families can apply for a 25% or a 50% scholarship. We do not offer scholarships for some special elective classes in order to offer the most scholarships possible to those who need help. Scholarships are good for 1 year (2 semesters) and may be considered in subsequent years but priority will be given to new applicants, rather than recurring applicants. Please see our Doyenne for the application.

All applications are due by August 1st before the coming school year, but can be submitted later if funds are still available.