STEP -Supplemental Teaching Extention Program

Our desire is to come alongside actively involved parents, providing them with a Christ-centered,

financially appealing, college preparatory supplemental teaching extention program (STEP)

We have gathered privately contracted teachers who are proficient in the subjects they teach, to meet with

students for inspiring classroom instruction and discussion. Students study and complete the

academically challenging coursework at home. The Supplemental Teaching Extension Program comes

alongside parents and existing ELCC classes to equip students to be "salt and light" in whatever career

path God leads them.

Who could benefit from STEP?

Does your teen need a studious place away from distractions and/or younger siblings?

Does your teen need extra help with Math, Science, or Writing?

Does your teen need more accountability for their school work?

Is your teen desiring more social time with friends?

Would your teen benefit from blocking out time to complete assignments?

Do you need help with managing/preparing your student's transcript?

Would you like help setting up the ACT, College Visits, and preparing a plan for high school?

Is the thought of homeschooling through high school overwhelming to you?

If this sounds like you and your teen - STEP might be the perfect fit for your family!

High School planning is essential for success! While many parents desire to homeschool through high school it can be very difficult to plan a path through the high school years. STEP meets this challenge by walking with parents through the planning process, developing a roadmap for success, and providing the tools needed to follow that roadmap!

STEP further assists the parents of high school students by developing and maintaining student records and transcripts. Transcripts and high school records are uniquely important to the college application process. Keeping student records and transcripts can be one of the most intimidating aspects of homeschooling high school. STEP removes this barrier to help parents fulfill their calling to home educate their children.

Another barrier to homeschooling high school can be intimidation over future career choices, college acceptance, and high school testing. STEP partners with the larger academic community to facilitate college visits, explore career and college options, provide ACT and SAT test prep as well as end of year testing (meeting the Ohio requirements for homeschooling). Our mission to facilitate homeschooling high school is accomplished through these partnerships and one on one meetings with parents and students.

Twice per week meetings, student accountability and self governance are hallmarks of the STEP program. Students attend ELCC on Thursdays (a sister ministry) and receive assignments, lessons, and instruction. On Tuesdays, students attend the Supplemental Teaching Extension Program and receive supplemental teaching and more in depth learning and accountability. This is a drop off, 9:00 am- 2:45 pm program during which students will attend 5 classes.