Earn Free Classes

It is YOUR money!

Joining the Scrip program is an easy way to manage your class fees*

  1. Each family can earn up to 100% of their class fees
  2. Instantly put away cash towards your fees each month during your normal shopping
  3. Apply those rebates to your class fees twice per year**

Set up your Scrip account by clicking the logo below. Follow the instructions on the screen to create your user name and password for the Scrip website.

Enrollment Code: 3A423F7454999

STEP 1 :Download "My Scrip Wallet" on your cell phone home screen (it's a website that works like an app!) and sign in

STEP 2: Choose from a variety of gift cards that you can use for everyday purchases (Many are instantly available! Just purchase as you are already shopping!)

STEP 3: Every purchase earns money which will deduct from your class fees!

Within a few weeks of using the program you'll begin to see small deposits add up AND you'll also discover new ways to budget and use this program for even more free classes!

Here are some of our members GREAT ideas:

  1. Get a reloadable Walmart card and reload it via the app (literally while standing in the check out line) for the amount you are already spending
  2. Get a reloadable Speedway card and reload it via the app weekly for gas
  3. Plan ahead for birthdays and other occations to buy physical gift cards
  4. Holiday shopping - instantly purchase via the app and load cards on black Friday
  5. Home improvement shopping - use virtual gift cards for large appliance purchases or home improvement projects

Symbol key and terms

icon for an electronic gift card - available immediately via the app/download

icon for a physical gift card - only available to purchase through mail order

icon for a reloadable gift card - purchase a physical card and then instantly reload through the app

*Please note - ELCC does recieve 10% of all scrip earnings to cover shipping and administrative costs of the program.

**Families MUST sign an agreement and designate how they want their earnings applied to recieve disbursement

*** ELCC Annual Membership Fee can not be paid via the scrip program

NOTE - Not all cards are available through all mediums (instant, mail order, reloadable) please see retailer list via the app/download to determine which retailers will work best for your family