Parents contribute to the success of our co-op by volunteering in the following ways; teaching, assisting a teacher, or cleaning. Many hands make light work, and by contributing to the group you ensure this learning opportunity will be here for years to come.

Thank you Parents!


For Parents

  1. ELCC is not a ‘drop off’ environment.  Please monitor your children at all times.

  2. Any classes taught at co-op exist to supplement and support education which is already occurring in the home.  Parents are responsible for the education of their children. 

  3. Parents are asked to contribute to co-op by helping in classes and/or helping with clean up. Some classes may set up a rotational basis for ‘helpers’ others may have a designated helper, please clarify this with your child’s teacher.

  4. If for some reason you and your family will miss co-op please contact any teachers in classes where you are helping.

  5. If your child has had a fever in the previous 24 hours or is currently vomiting, has diarrhea, or a croupy/persistent cough please do not bring them to co-op.

  6. Please park in the rear parking lot (unless it is impassable/full) and access the church through the cafeteria doors.

  7. Please make sure your student keeps their coats and backpacks picked up and against the far wall in the cafeteria.  There are additional places to hang coats upstairs in the foyer.

  8. Inclement weather days are determined by the decision of Licking Valley Schools.  If Licking Valley Schools are cancelled or delayed due to weather, the co-op will also be cancelled or delayed.

  9. If you have concerns about your child’s work or progress please meet with teachers before or after co-op, during a free period, or via phone or email, rather than during, or right before/after, a class time.

  10. Please join our secure forum ( and email loop.  This is how we communicate with parents and teachers and find out about upcoming events.  Please keep your login info private. When posting/emailing please remember:

    1. Only items which are related to the ELCC group, or local homeschooling opportunities, should be posted. Please refrain from posting political items

    2. Posts should be wholesome, uplifting, and G rated, no profanity please

    3. If you need to reply to the sender of the post, rather than the whole group, please click 'reply to sender'

    4. Please call your teachers if you will be late or miss class, rather than posting

    5. If your email is hacked, please let us know right away so we can turn off your email accounts ability to send through messages

  11. If you have items for sale, (ie homeschool books, scentsy, or clothing your child has outgrown) you can bring those and place them on/under the cafeteria counter with your name and price labeled.  This is the only area which can be used for this purpose and must remain neat and not block the entry.  Please limit this to a small display so that there is room for everyone.  Think milk crate sized.

  12. Moms who wish to socialize during a free period are encouraged to do so in the sanctuary to prevent the disruption of classes happening in the fellowship hall and youth rooms.

  13. ELCC does not refund fees for classes or registration. Class fees may be refunded at the teacher’s sole discretion unless a child is asked to leave a class due to unpreparedness or disruptive behavior, then no refund will be given.

  14. Lunch is from 12:00 – 12:40pm and a devotional and announcements will be given at that time.  Feel free to pack a lunch, as we have refrigeration and microwaves at our disposal.

  15. Electronic devices (tablets, handheld games, DS) are great for recess/lunch, but not great for the classroom; please make sure they don’t go to class.

  16. Parents are responsible to supervise, and clean up after, their children during lunch. This includes when the kids go out to play or play in the youth room.

  17. It is sometimes necessary to offer kind correction to a child, if you need to correct a child more than twice, please accompany them to their parents for further instruction.

  18. Parents and Teachers are encouraged to be proactive in the safety of all children, the protection of our facilities, and in creating a peaceful and studious atmosphere for everyone.