Our Leadership

Our leaders are volunteer parents who have a desire to serve the group and see Christ lifted up in, both in our group, and in their homes.  Our moderator, officers, and coordinators are elected whenever a position becomes available.  Our Doyenne are appointed by unanimous decision of the governing board.  Board members are denoted with an * below.  These positions do not have term limits, however; nominations are accepted whenever a vacancy occurs. 

Our Moderator

Our Moderator is a layman who oversees procedure at all business meetings and fulfills a neutral role when presiding at regular and special called business meetings.  Because co-op is comprised of families, our moderator is also a man who can teach and admonish members with Biblical authority. He is able to counsel with families, or refer families to counseling if needed.

Drason Sillin* - email

Our Doyenne

Doyenne:  the senior female member of a body or group,  a woman considered to be knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field or endeavor.  These ladies have helped to guide and shape our co-op into the organization it has become.  We seek their wisdom and advice in many matters.  They represent many learning styles and are available to offer guidance and wise counsel to our Directors and Members alike.  
                               Erin Longacre*                   Jennifer Krummel*                               

Our Officers

These smiling ladies provide leadership and a welcome smile to all of our members. Our Directors oversee the day to day planning and operation of the co-op.  They provide structure and support in all areas of our co-op, from budgeting to communications to just having some mom time.

                                                  Amanda Sillin*                   Lauren Slevin*                         Coleen Slagle*                Keri Sanders*
                                     Director - President  - email    Director -Vice President - email         Treasurer                        Secretary

Our Coordinators

 These fantastic folks help our Directors and Members by organizing ministries according to their gifts!  Their willingness to serve is a blessing to the co-op!  
If you would like to help on a team simply click and email the coordinator!

                                        Cammy Brown              Dora Barth                Melissa Hamilton           Carolen Orr
                                        Administrative                 Capital                          Events                      Hospitality
                                         Coordinator                Coordinator                 Coordinator                Coordinator

                                                               Jake Conkle                 Lora Parks                  Christy Huy               Nicole Flowers
                                                               Maintenance           Nursery/Facilities               Security                    Yearbook
                                                               Coordinator                Coordinator                 Coordinator              Coordinator

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