Primary Classes, or classes designed for students in K-2nd grade
These classes are designed for students who are learning to read and write. Students should be 5 before 12/31 of this school year.  Students should be able to sit and pay attention for at least 5-10 minutes.  Many of the activities and teaching at this age level is active and hands on to encourage a natural love and curiosity.  Learning can be very organic and even seem accidental at this age. At this age students can follow 3-5 instructions.  Students at this age may not be able to read or write without assistance so it may be necessary for parents stay with students in class, with no more than 6 students per 1 adult – but most likely 3-4 students per 1 adult.  This class does not usually have homework.  A general outline of class activities and expectations is provided to the parents at the beginning of the year, and a weekly summary of classroom activities and accomplishments should be emailed to parents. 

 Kindergarten with Gina Ball  

 Primary Art with Diana Andrews 

 Primary PE with Melissa Hamilton 

 Primary Botany and Nature studies with Lora Parks 

K-12th Famous Inventors with Cherie Reveal 

 Primary/Elementary A Trip Around the World with Lisa Burns
 Primary/Elementary Ohio History with Cherie Reveal 

Music with Jenny Dennis

Little House with Lisa Burns

Loving Language Arts with Jessica Freytag


All About my Community with Sharon Decker